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The Aviation Artur Trendak company has prepared a special course offer for the Gyrocopter Pilot Qualification Certificate .

Make your aerial dreams come true and become a gyroplane pilot. Our team of instructors conducts a specialized course, thanks to which you will gain the skills to pilot ultralight machines in a short time.

The first step on the way to dreaming of flying is to obtain the Gyrocopter Pilot Qualification Certificate. This permission will allow you to independently pilot gyroplanes throughout Europe and the world *.

The aim of the training program is to prepare the future pilot to safely carry out flight operations, in accordance with the rules of flying with VFR visibility (Visual Flight Rules).

The entire training program has been divided into two parts:

Theoretical course (30 hours online) – Each student receives training materials, didactic support based on online lectures and the possibility of videoconference with the instructor. During the training, the adept gains knowledge in the field of aviation law, meteorology, navigation, flight rules, communications, as well as the construction and operation of the gyroplane.

Practical course (minimum 25 hours) – during the practical training, students perform individual flights with an instructor – minimum 10 hours, then they go to independent flights.

Each student can use:

– AAT gyroplane fleet

– AAT instructors (several times Polish, European and World champions)

– Flexible training dates and places

– Inner Landing Site

– Varied air routes (different levels of difficulty)

The prerequisites for the UAGP training are at least 16 years of age and a national class aero-medical certificate. As a manufacturer of gyroplanes, we select machines according to the tastes and requirements of future pilots, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.


We offer mechanic training conducted by specialized employees. At the headquarters of Aviation Artur Trendak & Son, training is held for airframe mechanics and engineers.

Thanks to the cooperation with the exclusive representative of Rotax in Poland, we can also offer complementary training and broadening the knowledge of the engines installed in our gyroplanes.

Completing the training allows you to obtain the appropriate certificate. After completing the practice of operating a gyroplane, you can also take the exam for an air mechanic for operating an ultralight gyroplane at the Civil Aviation Office.

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